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Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

You can’t go wrong with our most adored products—take your word for it. Check out some of our bestsellers and top reviewed luxury faves according to you.

Milk Bar Soap

“Amazing soap. Love the smell, so creamy and soft. It leaves my skin well hydrated.” — Johanne T. (five-star review)

It is hard to resist our French-milled milk soap enriched with shea butter. Long-lasting and perfect for any skin type, this light and softly sweet fragrance is a long-time fan-favourite. This vegetable soap will be a classic in your home in no time.

Grapefruit Liquid Soap

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! IT’S A FAVORITE! The scent...there is nothing better...nothing.” —Vicki B. (five-star review)

Modern and vibrant, this citrus liquid soap is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen. Made in France, this Marseille-style soap is vegetable-based as well as sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben-free. You will fall in love with this fresh grapefruit scent.

Linen Fragrance Diffuser

“Quite pleased with this. Really a lovely product, Lothantique! The linen scent is subtle and refreshing... a quiet, happy presence that will be a mainstay in my home.” —Kimberley H. (five-star review)

Bring the aromas of France home. Our beautiful fragrances diffusers are an easy way to gently scent your space. Clean and powdery, our bestselling linen fragrance diffuser is subtle and refreshing—perfect for any room.

Les Savons de Marseille Olive Soap

“A scented treat. I love this soap! It smells beautiful, lathers generously and makes me feel special every time I use it.” —Marcia C. (five-star review)

This gorgeous French-milled soap contains a subtle blend of olive oil from High Provence and moisturizing shea butter. This rich combination is ideal for any skin type. Delicately scented with the traditional olive fragrance of France, you’ll love cleansing with this new ritual fave.

Milk Hand Cream

“Silky hand cream. Very nice, great for my purse. Love the scent.” —Kathy (five-star review)

Get ready to take your new favourite hand cream everywhere! Packaged in a convenient metal tube this luxury hand cream is an excellent treatment for dry and cracked hands, but still light enough for every day use. Enriched with shea butter with ingredients from organic farming, you’ll definitely be obsessed this bestseller.

Olive & Rosemary Liquid Soap

“This soap is my absolute favourite! It’s so soft and luxurious and smells amazing. My hands feel moisturized and lovely after using it.” —Jenny W. (five-star review)

Infused with the finest cold pressed olive oil to gently cleanse and stimulate the skin, this olive and rosemary liquid soap will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. This moisture-rich soap is made in the famous tradition of "Savon de Marseille" and inspired by the sacred symbol of Provence, the olive tree. This beautiful herbal collection by Belle de Provence can’t be missed.

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