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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Reed Diffuser

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Reed diffusers are one of the most popular fragrance diffusers available on the market. They are stylish and have the ability to provide a continuous scent to enjoy in your home. Check out some of our tips to take care of your reed fragrance diffuser to get the most out of your favourite scent.

What is a reed diffuser?

A reed diffuser is a type of fragrance diffuser that can be left unattended while filling your space with a delightful scent (unlike a candle). They are a great eco-friendly option as they don’t use energy and are often made from natural or recycled materials. They also offer a breadth of choice when it comes to the design of the diffuser bottle, which make them a great statement accessory while providing a constant diffusion of your favourite fragrance. Quality fragrance diffusers can last for several months, making them an excellent economical choice as well.

Lothantique Fragrance Diffuser

(Reed diffusers provide a continuous diffusion of scent)

How does a reed diffuser work?

reed diffuser consists of three elements: a vessel (usually made of glass) containing the fragrance oil, and natural wood reeds. These reeds have small capillaries that absorb the fragrance oil. The oil move ups the reed and then evaporates at the top. This allows the fragrance to be dispersed into the air. Think of your reeds like its own perfume straw. It is super simple, and super fragrant all at once!

How to Take Care of a Reed Diffuser

  • Flip your reeds to refresh your scent

Flipping your reeds every so often is a great way to help refresh and strengthen the scent of your diffuser. It increases oil absorption and helps to prevent your reeds from getting clogged. However, be mindful you aren’t flipping your reeds too often. This might lead to too much oil absorption and shorten the overall lifespan of your fragrance.

Belle de Provence Fragrance Diffuser

(Flips your reeds to strengthen your fragrance)
  • Count your reeds & consider your space

When picking the perfect spot for your fragrance diffuser - stop and consider the size of the room. This will help you determine how many reeds you need to place in your glass bottle. For a smaller space, you should only need 3-4 reeds to enjoy your fragrance. However, for a larger space you might want to add a few extra reeds to help the scent fill the area.

  • Avoid dusty surfaces

Fragrance diffusers make a great aesthetic statement on top of smelling great, but don’t just place your diffuser on a high shelf and forget about it entirely. Your reeds may get clogged spending time alone on a dusty surface. If you notice your scent has dulled, wipe down your shelf, and flip your reeds. You might also want to place your diffuser in a higher traffic area to enjoy the benefits of air circulation instead.

Lothantique Fragrance Diffusers

(Consider the location of your fragrance diffuser carefully)
  • Buy a refill and reduce waste

In love with the simple design of your diffuser bottle but you’ve run out of fragrance oil? Don’t panic. Many great brands like Lothantique sell refill fragrance oils so you can keep enjoying your favourite scent without purchasing a new diffuser altogether. You save money and save the planet. Best of both worlds.

What is your favourite fragrance diffuser scent? Let us know in the comments below.


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