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Vaporisateur d'ambiance Laboratorio Olfattivo Petali di Tiaré 100mL


Animal Cruelty Free Quality Ingredients

Inspirée par une passion pour l'univers de la parfumerie, simplicité et qualité s'unissent dans cette élégante collection de vaporisateurs d'ambiance.

Petali di Tiaré/Petals of Tiara : Un floral doux et tropical avec des notes d'Ylang Ylang, de jasmin et de noix de coco. 100mL/3.33 us fl. once.

Customer Reviews

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Maria-Elena Radu
It smells AMAZING

I managed to smell some of the products from this brand and the Petali di tiare really impressed me! I bought both the spray and the difuser because I I think I never smelled this rich bourgeoisie flavour! For a while I used it as perfume, so that could be a future idea for this smell, I would buy the perfume!

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