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Lothantique 200mL Diffuseur Parfum Thé Vert


Animal Cruelty Free Quality Ingredients

Amenez les arômes de la France dans votre maison, avec la gamme de diffuseurs parfumés Lothantique ! Brillamment parfumés, les diffuseurs parfumés de la collection Authentique sont un moyen facile de parfumer la maison. Il suffit de placer les roseaux dans le flacon et le parfum monte et se diffuse dans l'air ! Chaque bouteille dure environ 3 à 4 mois. 200 ml/6,66 us fl. once.

Thé vert : un parfum vert et floral.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Green Tea is lovely, Lavender is horrid

I absolutely love the green tea fragrance. I also thought I would try the lavender scent as well. It smells like horrid, bad soap and nothing like lavender at all. It is so intense that I have put it outside in my garage.

Not great

Doesn’t smell like green tea to me. I had a beautiful green tea room perfume from a hotel in Vienna and this comes nowhere near it. I have it in my garage.


I came across the diffuser in an interior designer shop in Ontario. It was wafting through the air. I had to get some! I was hooked! You will not be disappointed. It is truly beautiful and my absolute favourite.

Teresa Dedman
Beautiful Fragrance

I was not disappointed in this product. I had ordered the hand soap in green tea several times over the years but first time for the diffuser. Excellent product.

Gisella Agusta

Lothantique 200mL Fragrance Diffuser Green Tea

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