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Our Must Haves for Your Cottage Trip

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on
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Looking forward to getting out of the city for the August long weekend? Check out some of our favourite products that you will always find in our bag for a weekend getaway from biodegradable bath and beauty goods to French country décor.


Lothantique Donkey Milk Shampoo

Lothantique Donkey Milk Solid Shampoo

This solid shampoo is a cottage favourite and a camping essential. You won’t ever have to worry about liquid spills in your bag again. Simply rub the shampoo bar between your hands or directly onto your wet hair to create a lather. Massage and rinse! It is the perfect camping companion. It is biodegradable, and 100% recyclable with bio-based craft packaging. Not to mention donkey milk is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and has incredible antioxidant properties (it’s been used in ancient remedies for centuries).  


Dead Sea Land Body Lotion

Dead Sea Land Body Lotion

As they say, when in Rome do what the Romans do. When you’re by the water, you might as well enjoy the incredible benefits of natural ingredients from the sea itself. This rich and velvety body lotion, enriched with natural oils and minerals from the Dead Sea, hydrates and softens dry skin without feeling greasy. Feel refreshed with a lotion from a region that boasts the highest concentration of pure oxygen at the lowest point in the world.


Lothantique Liquid Soap

Lothantique Liquid Soap

Nothing makes Mother Nature smile quite like a liquid soap that is 95% biodegradable. Our Marseille-style liquid soaps are French-made, vegetable based, and sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben free. Choose from scents like a light and softly sweet scent like our bestseller milk or a herbal and fruity summer classic like grapefruit. Our soaps come in over 20 gorgeous fragrances so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom or kitchen. We always keep a bottle and an extra refill stocked at the cabin.


Belle de Provence Dish Washing Soap

Belle de Provence Dish Soap

The olive tree is a sacred symbol of Provence, and it is sure to make you a happy camper while scrubbing your BBQ dishes. The Belle de Provence dish washing liquid is gentle, and free of colouring agents, EDTA, BHT and parabens. It is formulated from traditional soap made in Provence with coconut oil and olive oil. Available in four fragrances to blend perfectly with your kitchen from mint to rosemary.


Coucke Tea Towel

Coucke Tea Towels

We have always been inspired by the simple elegance of French country living so it is no mystery as to why we are in love with Coucke tea towels. Created in 1931 by René Coucke, these quality tea towels are made in northern France with the traditional knowledge from the area, which has been a pioneer in weaving. Their cotton designs range from sweet to savory delicacies, Provençal, seaside, Paris, and animals. Add a touch of French style to your cottage kitchen or bring one as an inspired host or hostess gift for a warm weekend of fun.


Tadé Recycled Tire Carriers

Tadé Recycled Tire Carriers

Did someone say rustic chic? Created by skilled artisans, these beautiful and functional baskets are made from recycled rubber tires. Unique and upcycled, use a baskets to hold all your beach towels on the deck, organizing odds and ends in the bathroom, or even to hold wood for when the temperature drops in the evening – all on top of being totally eco-friendly.


French Country Living with Coucke at Lothantique Canada

Make sure to bring a touch of France with you to the cottage so that you're time away is equal parts relaxing, eco-friendly and elegant.

What are some of your travelling essentials? We’ve love to know what bath and beauty staples you can’t go without.

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