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Our sustainable essentials

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Help create a more sustainable future for everyone to enjoy by choosing products with intention. Explore some of our fave sustainable and organic products to improve your everyday.

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Kerzon bar soap

Kerzon Super Frais Bar Soap

 A healthy mind, in a healthy body, in a healthy home on a healthy planet—this is the Kerzon pact. Made in France with organic ingredients using traditional French know-how, this Super Frais soap uses recycled wrapping paper and it is created in a neutral carbon balance warehouse. Remember the sweetness of childhood with notes of anise, honeysuckle, cedar and ylang ylang in this ultra rich soap. Enriched with natural fatty acids, organic shea butter and sweet almond oil, it is ideal for any skin type.


Tangent GC Dishwash

Tangent GC Yuzu Dishwash

Wash with a conscious. Using dish washing agents made from natural sugars, this citrus dishwash needs 30 times less water than similar products to help neutralise the environmental impact. Cruelty-free and fossil-free, Tangent GC is committed to sustainability. With organically grown ingredients and produced in an eco-certified factory, Tangent also uses recyclable bioplastic, which has a negative CO₂ footprint. This delicately scented dishwash is a blend of mandarin and grapefruit that is also kind to skin using mild surfactants and perfect for everyday use.


Tadé Aloe de Corfou Regenerating Face Cream

Tadé Aloe de Corfou Regenerating Face Cream

Stay hydrated with a fresh and natural face cream. Equipped with ultra-nourishing active ingredients, including aloe, shea butter, and Mediterranean seaweed, get softer skin with this 100% COSMOS organic certified regenerating face cream. Made up of 98% ingredients from natural origins, this exceptional face cream by Tadé can be applied day and night for firmer, protected, and more radiant looking skin.


Goat milk liquid soap

Le Comptoir Goat Milk Liquid Soap

Prepare to wash up at the farm. Made from a vegetable base and naturally rich in glycerin, this liquid soap is enriched with olive oil and organic goat milk. Goat milk has the same pH levels as human skin, which means this cleansing soap doesn’t disturb your skin’s natural acid mantle making it perfect for sensitive skin. It is also high in lactic acid, which helps your skin to retain moisture and look smoother. With a 95% biodegradable formula, this Lothantique liquid soap will leave skin soft and delicately scented.


Nourishing shea dry oil

Compagnie de Provence Dry Oil Nourishing Shea

Modern, practical, and environmentally friendly, you will fall in love with the Compagnie de Provence’s nourishing shea dry oil. A true multi-purpose oil and made in the heart of Provence, this dry oil feels like velvet with a precious blend of ultra-nourishing shea, softening pure grapeseed oil, organic virgin sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil. Comprised of 98% naturally derived ingredients and enriched with vitamin E, this oil hydrates, nourishes and illuminates the skin in one step.

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