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What Scents Should You Try Next?

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

We know what new scents you should try based on your go-to summer activities. Take our fun, simple quiz to discover a new candle, soap, and perfume to try next.

What Scents Should You Try Next? Lothantique Quiz

Select your answer by clicking the corresponding letter to be taken to your new scent recommendation.

 1. Discover a new candle

You check your calendar and find out the long weekend has snuck up on you. You decide to make a quick plan. Do you:

1. A

   Grab a bag and start packing for a weekend up at the cottage

1. B   Message friends to catch up at your favourite local patio
1. C   Make a list so you can tackle all of your errands with your time off
1. D   Buy a few bottles of wine and invite family over for a BBQ

Christian Tortu Forests Candle

Christian Tortu Forests Candle

Love being outdoors and never miss an opportunity to spend time at the cottage? Try the Christian Tortu Forest candle to capture your favourite natural scents inside. Never feel cut off from the scent of pine needles, tree moss, and freshly cut grass with this luxurious candle made from mineral and vegetable wax with a cotton wick.

Mor Cucumber & Casaba Candle

Mor Cucumber & Casaba Candle

All you need is good food, good friends, and a nice cocktail! Patio season is an essential part of summer. Bring home that summer fun by capturing elements from your favourite Pimm’s cucumber cocktail or a delicious fruity dessert with the Mor Cucumber & Casaba candle. Made in Australia, these soy wax candles invite you to turn the page and start a new chapter with their transcendent candles.

Lothantique Linen Candle

Lothantique Linen Candle

You are constantly on the move whether at work or keeping track of your family. Your top priority is picking away at your growing list of tasks. But make sure to carve out time for yourself to relax with a good book and classic scent like the Lothantique Linen candle. Simple, subtle and clean, this mineral and vegetable wax candle is delicately scented and uncomplicated for your busy lifestyle.

Miller et Bertaux In the Garden Candle

Miller at Bertaux In the Garden Candle

You love hosting and getting to spend time with your family. Capture the beautiful backdrop of your garden with the Miller at Bertaux In the Garden Candle. Designed to capture memories, this fragrant candle combines thyme, peppermint, rhubarb and sap so you''ll always remember those precious summer get togethers.

2. Try a new soap

You are itching to go out shopping. With non-essential retail opening up again this summer, you decide to treat yourself with:

2. A   A gorgeous linen dress you’ve had your eyes on for weeks

2. B   The latest kitchen appliance everyone has been raving about (working from home has really highlighted the importance of a quality coffeemaker)

2. C   Picking up as many new plants from your local garden center as you can fit in your car

2. D   All the books on your summer reading list and a new beach hat

Que de l'amour Heart Soap

Que de l'Amour Heart Soap

You love art and beauty. Fashion and aesthetic are key factors in your decisions. So you can’t go wrong with an adorable Que de l’Amour Heart Soap as the perfect accent for your bathroom. Triple-milled and infused with shea butter, this romantic scent is a pleasant mix of white musk and patchouli.

Belle de Provence Olive & Verbena Soap

Belle de Provence Olive & Verbena Soap

Your kitchen is a sanctuary. You’re always look for the latest trends and experimenting with new cooking techniques. For the food lover and chef at heart, try the Belle de Provence Olive & Verbena soap. Infused with olive leaf extract from Provence, this herbal fragrance is fresh and uplifting.

Tade Natural Charcoal Soap

Tadé Natural Charcoal Soap

Being in nature is your happy place. You love all things natural and organic. Consider trying this unique Tadé charcoal soap created from cauldron-cooked virgin olive oil and plant-based activated charcoal. Great for oily skin and made from ingredients with 99.87% natural origins, which are sourced from organic farms.

Lothantique White Tea Soap

Lothantique White Tea Soap

Books and tea go together like iced tea and the beach. Enjoy a fun beachy read and wash away the grains of sand later with the Lothantique White Tea soap. This long-lasted French milled soap is perfect for any skin type with a crisp floral fragrance.

3. Pick a new fragrance

As border restrictions gradually begin to loosen, many of us are already dreaming about our next vacation. What is the next destination on your list?

3. A   Booking the first flight to Provence

3. B   On the way to a tropical destination

3. C   Keeping it national by exploring another part of Canada (Rocky Mountains, anyone?)
3. D   Spending time in California (especially in wine country)

Lothantique Fleur de Iles

Lothantique Fleur des Iles

Missing the charming countryside and Mediterranean of France? Us too. Indulge your senses with a classic scent inspired by the founder of Lothantique, Joséphine Mouranchon, and her childhood in rural Provence with Fleur des Iles. This fresh and sophisticated scent has notes of vanilla flower, jasmine and sandalwood.

Miller et Bertaux Piemiento Perfume

Miller et Bertaux Piemiento Perfume

Vacation all you’ve ever wanted? Same. We might not be able to go (-go) just yet, but we can imagine ourselves in Mexico sipping a cocktail with the Miller et Bertaux Piemiento Perfume. This contrasting scent has the warmth of chilis and sweetness of saffron so you can taste the alcohol and crushed ice while gazing at a beautiful sunset.

Amelie et Melanie Soliel Eau de Toilette

Amélie et Mélanie Soliel Eau de Toilette

It’s the perfect opportunity to explore another part of our beautiful country instead of waiting for international borders to reopen. Try looking at the sun from a new perspective with a simple and warm scent like Amélie et Mélanie Soliel. This delicate perfume has notes of star anise, white flowers and vetiver to recall uncut grass on a warm summer day.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino Room Spray

 Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino Room Spray

Summer sun with a glass of wine in hand? Yes, please. Conjure up fonder memories of touring a winery abroad with the Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino Room Spray. This sparkling fragrance has notes of vineyard peach, grapefruit peel, black currant and smoked woods.

What scents remind you of summer? Please sound off in the comments below.


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