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Phaedon Paris Scented Candle 190g Montagne


Animal Cruelty Free Quality Ingredients

On the steep paths of the Corsican Mountain, between Laricio pine and high altitude lake, the Grecale blows, a cold and powerful autumn wind, hoisting the scents of the maquis in the shade of the forests.

The 190g PHAEDON PARIS "Parisienne" candle is made of a mixture of several waxes:  high purity mineral, paraffin and rapeseed.  The candle will burn for 50 to 60 hours depending on the fragrance.

Fragrance Notes:  


Instructions for use:

*Never burn your candle for less than one hour : overly short burning periods will form a crater on the surface of the wax.
*Only extinguish your candle when the wax is liquid on its entire surface, up to the sides of the glass container.
*Always relocate the wick in the center of the container immediately after extinguishing your candle.
*Always trim 5 mm off the wick before relighting it.
*Never light a wick without trimming it first: otherwise the flame will be too tall, will produce smoke and your candle will burn too quickly.
*Never burn your candle for more than 3 hours.
*Never leave a burning candle unsupervised.
*Do not place on heat-conducting surfaces (glass, marble, etc…).
*Keep away from drafts, children and pets.

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