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What makes a fragrance timeless?

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Perfection never goes out of style. Get back to our roots with these natural scents that have been adored for centuries.

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What is a classic fragrance?

A classic fragrance is immediately recognizable. It can be worn everyday and suit any occasion. A classic fragrance is often drawn from the natural world like a sweet floral or warm musk. These familiar scents connect to our memories and bring us joy. The quality and pure simplicity of a natural fragrance means that it isn’t concerned with trends. It has already made a lasting impression over generations.

Ultimately, a timeless fragrance is simply distinctive and universal. Check out some of our favourite natural fragrances that always keep us coming back for more.


Lavender has been beloved for centuries with studies suggesting both humans and animals are drawn to its lovely scent and beautiful colour. Cleopatra supposedly bathed in it, and Charles VI stuffed his pillow with it. Let lavender activate all of your senses, and lift your mood with its calming and relaxing effects. Travel to the fields of Provence with this stunning Les Lavandes de Nestor eau de toilette. Deeply rich and floral, this timeless fragrance is perfect for everyday wear.


Humans have been drinking milk for over 6,000 years. Milk is packed with nutrients, and it acts as a symbol of vitality from our births. So it is no wonder that milk has become a soft and comforting fragrance in our lives. In fact, our Authentique milk collection has been one of our top sellers for years with its light and softly sweet scent. Try our bestselling milk eau de toilette that captures the timeless spirit of France with a modern and personal touch.


Sandalwood can be sacred and it has been used in religious rites for thousands of years from Egypt to India. It is also one of the oldest known perfume materials, popular for its warm and calming effects. A sandalwood tree takes at least seven years to grow, which also makes it very precious. It is a luxurious fragrance, which is why we are so excited to introduce this fan favourite to our bestselling Authentique collection. Start with our new sandalwood eau de toilette to experience a captivating and woody fragrance that is perfect for fall.


Is there anything quite as refreshing as some mint? Mint is a flavour, a smell, and medicinal. This wildly popular fragrant herb does it all. Mint contains menthol, which creates a cooling sensation that we have come to crave. Indulge your senses with Miller et Bertaux’s Menta y Menta eau de parfum. This minimal and unique bouquet of mint—Moroccan mint, peppermint, and mint tea—is ideal for both men and women. Take a trip to Morroco with this evocative combination of mentha spicata, tea leaves, citrus zests, roasted coffee, and jasmine.

What fragrances do you consider timeless? Connect with us on social.

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